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Our method

From producing award winning chocolates, to walking a wide range of cacao groves, Matt has selected the finest cacao beans available to create rich, flavorful dark chocolate bars and drinking chocolates. He likes to consider his Great-grandfather, J.B. Armstrong, founder of J.B. Armstrong & Son Seed Company, as his inspiration. Above all, J.B. respected the farmer, their families and the value of maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. He intends to carry on the family tradition.


Ethically sourced

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Lightly roasted


Stone ground


Cacao drying

Dominican Republic



J.B. Armstrong & Son

Approximately 100 years ago Matt’s great-grandfather, Jerome Bonapart Armstrong, founded the renowned J.B. Armstrong & Son. Seed Company. J.B. was a father, farmer, author and global supplier of his famous pure bred seeds. He gained particular notice for his corn seeds and wrote extensively about the quality and care that was needed from the seed distributor that could best serve the farmer.


"Do not sell the farm"

The value of farmers owning their own land as told by J.B. Armstrong and his book, "Improved Methods, Corn Growing and Intense Cultivation" 



Founding Members

J.B. Armstrong

Scott Armstrong

Lottie Dwyer

Teri Hoenig

Christina Armstrong

Adam Armstrong